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Music is a universal language used by all peoples to mark rhythms in life.

 We can be there at the the dying of a loved one.
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Freely Given

This loving service is offered freely to everyone within the Auckland area.


Embracing harmony and peace

Through gentle presence, words and melody, we invite the person and their whanau to experience and embrace harmony and peace.

A small group of three or four singers attends the person's bedside and sings unison and harmonised songs for approximately 15-20 minutes.

We are also available to sing at other similar occasions; a remembrance service or with those suffering grief or loss.

Cadence Singers are members of the Threshold Choir network in the USA.


Hear us

"May You Find Peace" composed by Helen Greenspan

Thanks to Alyx Duncan for filming and producing the clip below. These words are derived from a Buddhist sutra with music by Kate Munger for use by Threshold Choirs. This is a Cadence Singers version.

The video clip below has been produced by Kate Munger, founder of the Threshold Choir movement in USA, and provides some background to the sort of service Cadence Singers offers.


Join Us

Singers meet fortnightly to prepare songs. We also hold Saturday morning workshops about 3-4 times each year to deepen our understanding of what we do and how we do it, building relationships with one another along the way.


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To learn more or to ask for singers to attend a bedside, email us at